At the end of 2011, I stopped working, let the nanny and gardeners go and jumped full pelt into life full time with my three year old son and the school life of my five year old daughter. What does my brain get up to now that it’s been released from its corporate straitjacket?

A lot of random thought generation seems to be the answer.  Often about parenting and its funny, frustrating and thought-provoking bits, sometimes about books, and other times about whatever else feels right.

I hope you enjoy the read.


7 thoughts on “About

    • I know, crazy isn’t it. Childcare less so – a fact of life when commuting up to a job in the big smoke. She was brilliant and definitely easier for me than nursery. The gardeners, well, that was a result of much angst and self-flagellation about not being able to do it all and realising that paying for a few hours a month was a way easier solution. Even better now that I’m at home, the garden is quite mature so much less to do – YAY!

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    • Thank you soooo much for nominating me and saying such lovely things! Loving the new name btw :-). Can I just ask something – if one gets nominated for a blogging award does that mean you have it or is there another step? Daft question I’m sure, but I was nominated for a Super Sweet Blogger Award a while back and didn’t know whether that was that once I’d nominated on & answered the questions…

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