Wanted: answers to my personal job ad

In response to my last, rather heartfelt, blog post a friend recommended a practical little book called ‘How to find fulfilling work’ by Roman Krznaric.  So far it’s proving a gem.  Not great for bedtime reading, as every few pages there is a question to consider or an exercise to complete, but perfect for that almost-back to school twitchiness and the re-emergence of evenings spent doing things other than quaffing wine to recover from full-on days with the kids or being somewhere else (or both).

One of the exercises to help look wider than the obvious is to write your own personal job ad and ask ten people you know from different careers and backgrounds to suggest two or three jobs for you – the more specific the better (so more ‘volunteer project work with street kids in Rio de Janeiro’ than ‘work with children’).

Where better to find a diverse group of people than right here.  Ideas anyone?


Personal qualities

Thrive on variety


Highly analytical

Quick to pick up new things

Highly goal- and action-oriented

Dislike uncertainty and risk but willing to take them on

Like to be in control

Don’t like to fail

Emotional & expressive

Care a lot about what other people think of me




 Annabel Deuchar close up crop



Generating ideas

Making connections

Planning, organising & structuring

Researching & analysing

Being a sounding board

Using my imagination

Creative problem solving

Spatial awareness

Staying focused



The great outdoors – hiking, cycling, camping, running, snowboarding, sailing

Experiencing life & the world

Singing my heart out




My family & friends

Other important info

Career needs the flexibility to fit with family commitments

Causes/values I care about


Gender equality

Being true to oneself

Living healthily and taking care of our planet

Being a good person


1 thought on “Wanted: answers to my personal job ad

  1. Because you write so well and you are creative and I think the world could do with it – a proper women’s magazine/journal – nothing ‘celeb’, nothing fake, nothing plastic! Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that brought together women that had all made different choices and helped us be informed rather than sceptical.

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