And the Bad Daughter-in-law Award goes to…

Dear readers, I hang my head in shame.


Well, firstly, I under-estimated my parents-in-law (see here if you missed the incriminating post).  The courgette soup went down a storm, no unfinished bowls in sight.  Check out the recipe – it’s delicious.  I am particularly chuffed with the number of home-grown ingredients in my own effort – the garlic, onion, herbs, potato and courgette.  All we need is a cow for the cream and cheese and we’d be living ‘The Good Life’ all the way.




Secondly, so what that it took me an hour to find a menu that fit their needs?  Having a reason to do a proper search meant I worked hard to find something suitable and tasty that I wanted to cook.  The pleasure it gave them (and us) was worth it too – as it would be for any guest when they know you’ve made special effort to find something that suits their diet.  I should know – I’m pretty special needs myself, being wheat-free (mostly anyway) and preferrably limited dairy while I’m at it.  I don’t resent my friends who have restricted diets either, so why my parents-in-law, nurturers of my lovely hubbie?  Clearly, I’m just a horrible person.  Ten lashings to me.

Thirdly, grumpy daughter-in-law that I am, I grumpily omitted to reflect on the fact that they do at least try other foods, it’s just they’re not to their taste.  Who am I to judge that, hard though I clearly find it not to?  Yes, their tastes have undoubtedly been created by a lifetime of eating the same things, but that’s more about circumstance than anything else.  Doesn’t stop them being good people, they just are who they are.

Fourthly, I feel particularly mean given my father-in-law brought us such a beautiful sign for our allotment, hand-crafted by him using a rusty metal bird and flower we found in it when we first took the site on. It’s really lovely.  Now I have to get the allotment to live up to it.  (Check out the bounty of raspberries carried by Little H, too – yum!)

To turn my own knife in my own wound, he also spent all morning tearing down a dilapidated shed on the allotment, clearing up the mess and even sorting me out with a bench into the bargain.  My mother-in-law labelled all my daughter’s school clothes (yay, an evening telly job I don’t have to do before Wednesday).  You’d think I’d find it in my heart not to winge on about their food needs.  More lashings for me.

Finally, methinks I committed a cardinal blogging sin. Don’t write something you mind someone you know reading.  As a raised eyebrow-ed Mr H pointed out, I’ve made a pretty big assumption that my parents-in-law, or come to think of it all the other in-laws, don’t find my blog.  Let’s hope for my sake they don’t get lessons from my mum and turn into silver surfers.  Then I’m really in trouble.

Interestingly, I just read Surburbia Interrupted’s latest post musing on the opposite –keeping her blog readership specific so she can spout forth freely.  That made me ponder, but on further reflection I think I feel more comfortable applying one of the lessons of my working life: leave as few enemies as you can, you never know who will be your next boss or HR hiring manager.  Worth testing yourself out on these principles I think – let’s just hope I haven’t lead myself to divorce in the process…


4 thoughts on “And the Bad Daughter-in-law Award goes to…

  1. great post..we all have those moments 🙂 I’ve nominated you for a Super Sweet Blogging Award so pop on over & check it out 🙂

    • it’s a tough one. I figure people who know me reading the blog keeps me honest. No bigging up without admitting it, no false representation. I reckon each blogger decides where their line is though. And that’s the beauty, they’re all different, so it’s one big fun blogtastic universe 🙂

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